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Vancouver Benefit Dinner

The Vancouver ClubVancouver, B.C.

“I was quite fearless in my childhood days. Through this phase of life, I started getting scared of people around me. Now I’ve learned to draw inspiration for these experiences and have become fearless again. I’m no longer scared of anything in life.”

Sadhna*, sex trafficking survivor
*a pseudonym


Kolkata is home to one of the largest red-light districts in the world.

Every day, young women and girls without a support network are trafficked, sold to brothels, and exploited in the commercial sex industry. Sometimes this abuse is hidden in plain sight.

Over the last several years, private sex establishments have increased in number in Kolkata. Vulnerable girls are lured into unassuming houses or apartments under the guise of a good job.

Instead, pimps and madams arrange private meetings between customers and the girls through secret networks.

They are more hidden than brothels in traditional red-light districts, but they exploit young girls just the same.


Sadhna was one of these girls. After her father’s tragic death, Sadhna was desperate to find ways she could help financially support her mother and younger sister.

After a few years of doing odd jobs, 14-year-old Sadhna entered the home of a woman who had promised her a job as a housekeeper. It wasn’t long before she was drugged, raped, and manipulated into returning to the house every time a customer wanted sex.

IJM combats sex trafficking in Kolkata by rescuing victims and bringing perpetrators to justice. Thankfully, we were able to work with local authorities to rescue Sadhna after two long months of abuse. But rescue is only the beginning of the journey for Sadhna and other survivors.

For girls like Sadhna, dreaming of the future is a new luxury.

Through our aftercare program, IJM works to connect young women with resources and mentors to make their dreams a reality, and to restore their hope for a bright future.

Your support can make it happen.

Join Us

For the Vancouver Benefit Dinner,
October 17, 2018


Together we can help these heroic women
soar above the ashes of their abuse.

What to Expect

  • Stories


    Compelling stories
    from the field

  • Updates


    Updates on IJM’s
    sex trafficking casework

  • Partnerships


    The opportunity to partner
    with us in raising $500,000
    for Kolkata projects




  • Philip Reilly

    Philip Reilly

    Director of Development, B.C.
    IJM Canada

  • Murray Neilson

    Murray Neilson

    Business Development,
    Nicola Wealth


RSVP by September 10th

Sadhna & Friend


October 17, 2018

5:30pm Wine Reception

6:30pm Dinner & Program


The Vancouver Club

915 W Hastings St,

Vancouver, BC

V6C 1C6